North End, High Tide.

So another day, trying to improve, but just kept falling of, caught a couple where I remained up for a few seconds, paddled like hell back out again and again through heaps of people, basically had to surf at people because so many idiots were swimming out of the flags, including massive gronk westies in their gold chains and tough guy penis haircuts.  I was close to riding over their stupid heads.  But yeah I managed to not hit anyone.

Didn’t matter where you went, or any spot you found without surfers, the second you stand up on a wave when it’s that busy, it attracts people over to where you are.  Next minute you have people in your surfing path everywhere you look.   At least I got some exercise and it was a nice day I guess.  Saw some young girls, have to get rescued and they were not even far off the shore and they put up their hands because they couldn’t swim.  Not being able to swim and going in the water is dangerous, as you never know if you might get swept off your feet at some point.  Even if you know where the rips are.  You still need to know how to swim to get back to a wave break.  In this case I figure they don’t know either.

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