Small and choppy

Apparently it’s windy and choppy surf today and 0.5m.

so I headed out and it was a bit sloppy, north end had ok 1 and 2 foot waves. But way too many people were on them.

I caught a couple of good ones and it died off back to swell.

I headed to the far south end, much messier and sloppier surf, cross swells buried the front of my board on any wave I was riding, sending me off my board. What I did catch properly, died off fast and was weak with not much push behind it. Will be back out tomorrow.

I rented the board today from the school, it was slippery and needed waxing, had to work way harder to paddle on it.

But I’ll use my own board next time.

Oh, by the way, I saw a massive sting-ray! under my board swimming down about a metre below, and it was so cool to see, I love them, it was just looking around the bottom in the sun!

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