Yesterday I was out at the north end of Maroubra Beach and I decided there was too many other people out in the water.  I tried to find a better spot, there was a bit of a better spot near the flagged area.  The flagged area is for swimmers only, no surf-craft allowed.  As I paddled out close to the flag area, the lifeguards didn’t like it so one of them started yelling at me through the megaphone to come back in etc, he probably thought I was going to surf in the flag area, but I wasn’t, I was going out and away from them, however I went in anyway as my Mexican sign language wasn’t getting my message across, he started saying NO! and pointing to the sign.   As I got closer to shore I realised I recognised the Lifeguard.  It was an old friend from some acting classes I did years ago, Tyson.    So I laughed at him.  he said “Robbie!, go up the north end and paddle across because the current is strong here”  I told him I wasn’t going to enter the flag area anyway, I decided to just go down the South end to avoid any confusion or worry for them.  We had a good laugh about it, and chatted a while.

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