First Left

I went left today for a nice long ride, for the first time ever, i was actually going fully left along a wave and had a nice long ride, and it was cut shorter than I’d like though, by some lesbian tourist and her boyfriend dropping in on the same wave together on 1 board like complete Kooks so I had to get off so as not to ride over her back when they got smashed by the wave.

It is pretty inconsiderate to drop in on people who are already on a wave. If someone is coming along the wave, you go under, or over to let them continue their ride!

I should label them as Kooks for doing that when I was clearly on that wave a long time ago, and seeing as it was my first epic left, but I will also forgive them as they looked like they were shark bait level beginners who had no clue.

Going out tomorrow probably 1pm ish.

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