Charmaine’s first experience!

Charmaine had her first try today, after just a couple of goes lying on the board, she figured out to push up, and then move the hands back a bit lower and push up. I went off on my own after that, I should have stayed and reminded her to move across. Anyway, Charmaine paddled around the south a bit too close to the rip, and got fed into it.

She went for a ride in the South Rip. Not by choice😂😂, but it was funny, that rip is the strongest one at Maroubra, but it is also the safest if you just hold onto your board, it always feeds you back into the waves on the north side of it. I paddled across to lend a hand, but by the time I was halfway over, she already was washed back in by a wave. So she learnt a lot today, and hopefully will be back to conquer that rip after a few more goes. Was pretty fun today just way too many people and kids especially dropping in at the same time, kinda threw me off my focus.

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