Have not posted for a while, recently I went out and broke my brother-in-law’s board.  A bigger wave popped up than the 4 footers I saw from shore, and i didn’t get under it properly, so the board got snapped.

They advertise these boards for no bigger than like 4 ft waves, on these shitty SX boards, but I don’t reckon they can handle even 3 once I saw what was inside them.

Anyway the board snapped and I went back to shore then stuffed around on the fatboy on the foam, have ordered a catch surf log, and will be ordering a Walden longboard epoxy also for some strength while having high volume still.  Summer waves are dying away and the bigger stuff is coming.   Have rarely had 3 foot and over here all summer, I’m happy with 4 ft, but 5 and 6 I think I’m going to eat shit, so I want a tough board.

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