Phillip Island, Victoria – Surfing, and Grand Prix Circuit.

I took my Harley  XL883N Iron Sportster down to Phillip Island and rode it into a ditch off the road before we even went to the track, so I ended up having to ride my brothers Honda CBR 1000, which is a fast sports bike, I’ve never been on a sports bike so it was foreign to me, the track is the 2nd fastest in the world, and I was struggling, got some instructions and then I was able to go a bit better and more safely round the circuit.

Also The beach is Woolamai Beach, it is fairly messy and closing out on this occasion the waves coming in from the South-West, and it is a South-West facing beach.  The rips were the largest I’d ever seen so I decided to just get the medium and small foamies of the broken waves.   Out the back by the end of the day was getting up to 8 foot and still closing out with very heavy lips, not very safe for my skill level.  Happy to ride out halfway to even 2/3 of the way out later on after my camera completely fogged up and died.  But it was getting gnarly by 3pm, I went on a nature walk with friends around to the pinnacles, the old rock quarry, and a beach path that disappeared.  So we spent a while trying to find the path climbing up steep sand banks.

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