When will it settle down

I would have thought being Autumn and cooler air, that people would go away and I'd have more room to surf, but that does not seem to be the case at Maroubra. Expert surfers hog the smallest and largest waves year round it seems.  Making it tough as a beginner to progress.  I will have … Continue reading When will it settle down

Tail pad repairs

Although the edge of the tail pad was wider than the board end on one side (manufacturing fault) it caused no issues with the board other than it can be easily bumped. I'd say that is why it came unglued and ripped off a bit in the surf. However I'm using the glue recommended by … Continue reading Tail pad repairs

Maroubra, Sunday

Yesterday, Maroubra Beach, NSW. Started out looking like 2 foot at the south end, ended up easily 4 foot+ but with intensity and strong push.  north end was a couple of foot bigger. The amount of people out there was insane. https://www.facebook.com/rbattam/videos/10216272240673030/

Phillip Island, Victoria – Surfing, and Grand Prix Circuit.

https://youtu.be/6pJrBn2DIPA I took my Harley  XL883N Iron Sportster down to Phillip Island and rode it into a ditch off the road before we even went to the track, so I ended up having to ride my brothers Honda CBR 1000, which is a fast sports bike, I've never been on a sports bike so it … Continue reading Phillip Island, Victoria – Surfing, and Grand Prix Circuit.