Blue Bottle

Surfing today, I got a blue bottle tail stuck on my hand and palm when paddling, it wasn't that bad to be honest, I don't remember them having such a weak sting. Anyway I got some good waves today and realised - I did the best i could. It may be time to find a … Continue reading Blue Bottle


My sister came out today, had mad fun, more than I bet she thought she would!, she almost stood up on her first time. But the best thing was - It was small, and easy for her to stand at low tide. Ben's knot came undone on his new leash attachment, I re-tied his lesbian … Continue reading Sister

First Left

I went left today for a nice long ride, for the first time ever, i was actually going fully left along a wave and had a nice long ride, and it was cut shorter than I’d like though, by some lesbian tourist and her boyfriend dropping in on the same wave together on 1 board … Continue reading First Left